A Wonderful Day

I am in a very goofy mood. I wasn’t when I got up but when I got to work and got back into the swing of things, my mood changed hugely. That just goes to show you that it is my home environment really bringing me down. I emailed a place last night to see if they have any 1brm Mar 1st occupancies. And I am going to call another one today that got back to me a week and a half ago that did, I just didn’t have time to contact them prior to my vacation.

My face is leather people…and not nice leather but peeling, dried and cracked leather, lol. Usually my morning routine is mostly me doing my hair. Not so this morning. This morning was me trying to gently loofah my skin so that I didn’t have skin hanging off of my face. I didn’t get it all but most of it. I have to be careful as if I irritate it too much I will get impetigo. In fact, I feel a bit under my nose wanting to come out so tonight I will dose it will alcohol and my cream.

Everyone is commenting on my colour…apparently I am darker than they thought I should be. But then again the last couple of years I have barely tanned but normally I can get pretty dark.

I wanted to make a hair appt for Saturday…cannot find my hair dressers card! I’m pretty sure I have her number on my cell phone which I forgot to put back into my purse after recharging it. I think I need a trim, some bangs and maybe a few blonde chunky highlights :) Hopefully she is available Saturday. I cannot remember her last name so I cannot 411 her…eek! I could run home at lunch but I want to run over to GoodLife and get the tour…that will get my buttocks to the gym tomorrow.

Anyways…feeling amazing…did I say that already? :)