Tomorrow, THE GYM

I indulged tonight in one of those small Toblerone chocolate bars, not the mini, but the next size up. My tastebuds told me that it was too sweet…when did that happen? I used to be able to eat one of the large ones with no issues, now? The 50g bar was a bit too much.

Anyways, I didn’t make it to GoodLife at lunch but I did get over after work. I almost talked myself out of it telling myself I could go tomorrow at lunch, but once again I could be busy and tomorrow will bring another tomorrow. So I ran to Walmart as I needed a gym bag and picked up a few other odds and ends (Aveeno skin cream, dried pineapple chunks*, bagels, cream cheese, loofah and some Almay Smart Shade foundation which is suppose to go on with no colour but when smoothed on, transform to match my skin tone. I figured with the deep tan I have, I cannot go with my normal ‘ivory’ foundation, lol. I got the light/medium shade so I should be able to use it when my tan lightens up).

I then went to the gym and got the tour. I will pack my bag in the morning but I have NO clue when I will go. I would love to go in the mornings, to get it over with…but that will take a bit. Evenings from 5-8pm are busy so said my tour guide…but there were still ellipticals and treadmills available when I toured at 6pm and he said that even through those busy times, I should be able to find a cardio machine. Also, as noted, they have the Les Mills classes which I would love to try. So there are those as well.

Food today was good even with the 260 calorie Toblerone and a few pieces of dried pineapple chunks*. I even got in some water! Approximately 4 cups, which is better than nothing right now.

Well I am tired…it is 918pm and I think calling it a night sounds really good. So G’night!

new find at Walmart, dried pineapple chunks - 17 pieces, 140 calories - YUM!