GREAT Vacation

Well I am back and I will say I had a great holiday. I regrouped and felt wonderful the whole time. ‘Cept now I am in this hellhole and my mood is back. Must get out soon!

I do have pics (none of me of course) and I’m quite brown. My face currently feels like leather on my cheekbones but other than that, I didn’t break out with cold sores or impetigo thanks to the Famvir I took the whole time I was there.

I came back to Toronto with a nasty headache which remained active until yesterday evening. I had to cancel on my father to pick him up from the airport (haven’t touched base with him, I am sure he is pissed if he didn’t read his text messages on his cell phone). I did end up going to Jeff’s last night for 8pm to play cards where I proceeded to drink like a fish not really thinking that I would be getting up in 3 hours (3am, went to bed at midnight) and Jeff didn’t say anything. I woke up still drunk with another nasty headache. I had him reset the alarm for 530am but that wasn’t good either as I still woke up pretty wired, still had the headache and now was also nauseated! I went to Jeff’s computer and wrote my boss an email (felt really bad considering I haven’t been in for a week) and proceeded to go back to bed until 10am. I still had a bad headache when I got up but I didn’t want to go back to sleep and have Jeff walk in on me (didn’t feel right) so I left and went home which made the head worse (I tense up while driving).

I got up an hour ago, the head is mostly gone and I unpacked and am currently doing laundry. I also went through my mail, paid all my bills and I will be updating my Quicken prior to going to sleep.

I got on the scale this morning 154.8lbs - not too bad, I won’t have to pull out the corsets in order to fit into my clothes, lol. I hate vacation scale gains! Official weigh-in as usual will be Saturday though. Tomorrow the plan is to check out GoodLife, get the grand tour and then start officially back to the gym on Wednesday. I am hoping it will help with the funk not being so bad. The funk leaves mostly when I am not here, so the more I am not home, the better.

Well going to go check on my laundry. Type at you tomorrow.