Stay Out Of The Cookie Jar!

I was talking to our payroll person this week to find out if there are other options for direct deposit of our pay cheques and not just have them deposited into our checking accounts. I want to split up my direct deposit into two accounts, one chequing and the other savings. I think if I do this it will keep me from spending the ‘extra’ money I will feel I have when my debts are paid in a month and put it out of reach thereby allowing me to save for my down payment. I will own again! I just need to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar.

Ball Workout

Tonight we worked with the ball, doing all over exercises. Some of them I found very difficult and some of them just not doable at all, lol. It was a good workout all the same though. I also ran a 1km prior to…that is 3 nights in a row and tonight, besides the cold, it felt pretty easy, like normal.

I will say that I am very, very glad that I have the next two days off. I really gave my all this week during the workouts and my body is tired. Actually, I told someone today that I cannot wait for the end of this session. That sounds like I am not enjoying it, but that is far from the truth. I am. It is just I am now working on month three of getting home at 730pm, Monday to Friday and truth be told, I am kind of missing the ellipticals at the gym. It may be time to change things up.

Food was great today, even with the Mars Dark chocolate bar incident counted in. Water…I will have 9 cups in by bedtime - a first in a long time.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment; I am keeping the length but not sure exactly what I am doing with the colour. I’m thinking of going a dark auburn.

Sorry for the super short entry from…I am tired (I sound like a broken record!) and I am very, very shortly heading to bed.

BTW, I got the apartment.

Left to right: house, living room, living room other end, kitchen and bathroom.

There is a separate dining room, bedroom (which is huge), separate entrance, laundry room and a sunroom. Oh…and LOTS of storage. Yay!


My father showed me a recent jewelry purchase he made yesterday. A beautiful gold chain along with a 23k hanging heart. My father seems to have a thing for gold whereas I prefer silver. I have one gold chain which I cherish. It was a gift from my grandmother on my 18th birthday. What I do want though one day is a real, authentic pearl necklace. I’ve had tons of fake one but I think to actually own a set of pearls would be lovely. Do you own a set a pearls? Did you buy them or were they a gift or…better yet, handed down from my mother to daughter?

No Workout Tonight

I made the conscience decision today to not go to bootcamp tonight. We are doing relay and I don’t like them because I find I am standing around too much and don’t get much of a jasminlive workout.

Instead I am going home, well not directly. First I will be going to uHaul to pick up some boxes, then to Walmart to pick up some bags and then head home and start sorting (moving/goodwill) and packing.

At lunch I have to run to my new place and drop off a cheque, he left a message last night that he would feel better if he had a cheque. He must think I am a flake and wondering who he is renting to or wondering if I am trying to get in without paying since the first cheque I wrote was wrong. Because that night when I said I wanted to give him a cheque he said I could just give it to him on move in - now…he wants want as ‘it will make me feel better’.

Well it is lunch, I need to run the cheque over. I am seriously hoping this man is not someone who wants to talk every day - I like my privacy from and to be left alone…

P.S. I’m going stag to the Christmas party. Kind of sad, but in the end that is okay as I won’t have to correct people who assume Jeff is my boyfriend, not just a friend - which I have had happen before when I have just brought friends to functions.

Moving The Booty

Well I did it - I went to the gym. I did 30min on the Arc Trainer and 15min on the treadmill. I almost didn’t go, almost let the inner fat chick win but decided that 30-45min would not kill me and I will feel so much better afterwards. Which was kind of a lie, I felt tired afterwards, lol.

When I got home and started changing I noticed on my arms that I had little water bubbles all over them. I guess sweating under skin that is dead…the water needs an out somewhere and so the bubbles were formed. It was kind of freaky though I had fun smooshing them, lol.

I then came home and ate dinner (toasted bagel and cream cheese). Tomorrow is a ‘bean appreciation’ lunch - not sure what it entails but sure won’t be my normal low calorie meal :(

Also, I have to decide if I am going to the gym before work…or missing it tomorrow. I have my Doc appointment at 645pm tomorrow night and it is in Hamilton. So I have to leave work at 5pm to ensure I get there on time. The later my Doc appointment means the later my Doc will be. I more than likely won’t get in to see him until about 715/730pm and then by the time I get back to Mississauga…I will be too tired to go to the gym. So I either go in the morning or not at all. Still deciding.

I would love to get to the gym 5 times a week, but for now I will strive for 3-5 workouts. So I could miss tomorrow as long as I go Friday and Sunday.

It appears I may get lucky on the impetigo front. I have been applying alcohol and my Fucidin to the patches and although they are there…they haven’t really shown themselves. I think I may have dried them out before they could really pop through my skin…yay! So right now…those areas are just red patches instead of red, angry, bubbles on my face.

Well I think I will have another early night. I will set the alarm for 6am and see what happens.

Okay…Maybe Not

Peeling SkinI am rethinking the gym. I am a mess, seriously. My skin is peeling like no tomorrow. Most I can cover with clothes but my forearms…not so much. The left is awful and I loofahed the hell out of it this morning and moisturized like crazy and I’m once again a flaking mess. It looks awful. I did bring the moisturizer with me so I can moisturize prior to going out on the cardio floor but eek! Also my impetigo is making me quite self conscious.

I know this is an excuse, but do people really need to see me shedding my skin? And that photo…just a small bit of my arm.


I keep arguing with myself - that is always a good sign; that the inner fat chick hasn’t defeated the inner fit chick.