How to choose a good towel

How to choose a good towel
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We use towels every single day so it is worth taking the time to make sure we’re using good ones. A towel should not only feel amazing but also make your life easier by properly fulfilling its purpose. However, the rules for choosing a good towel aren’t the same for all towel types. We use bath towels and hand towels for different purposes so it wouldn’t make sense to use the same item for both.

Bath towels

This is the towel type we often pay the most attention to because after all, who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in a nice fabric after getting out of the shower or bath. You can recognize a cheap towel as soon as you touch it because of how rough it feels – and that’s the last thing you need after a relaxing bath.

Bath towels have a standard size of 27 x 54 inches, although you can sometimes find oversize models that are larger than that. The material needs to be very absorbent so that you can dry off all the water off your body. Many people prefer soft and fluffy towels because they just feel so luxurious. 100% cotton is a popular material for bath towels. This is a perfectly good choice but be aware that while they are super absorbent, they will also need more time to dry completely. If you have poor air circulation in your bathroom and your towels seem to be always damp, consider getting something of a lower density (600 grams per square meter at the max).

Kitchen towels

The best kitchen towels should be made of natural fibers that are safe to be in contact with food. Kitchen towels are very versatile items that serve a lot of purposes – we use them to dry clean dishes, to grab hot pots, to dry off our hands, and sometimes to get all the crumbs off the counter. As such, you should always clean them regularly. That’s why kitchen towels need to be durable enough to withstand many washing cycles. Linen, terry cloth, and microfiber are all good choices for a kitchen towel.

Hand towels

Hand towels are small-sized towels that are most often found near the sink in bathrooms. The typical size is around 16 x 30 inches. You want something that is functional but also looks good in your bathroom. Fabric softness isn’t that much of an issue here because you only use hand towels for a few seconds at a time. If you need to, it’s perfectly okay to sacrifice the feel of the fabric for its functionality. Hand towels need to dry quickly so that you don’t have a wet cloth hanging in your bathroom all day.

Gym towels

Gym towels should be rather lightweight and thin so that you can fit them easily in your gym bag. That’s why they’re often made from low-density fabric. Gym towels are smaller than a typical bath towel but still large enough to comfortably dry the sweat off your body. They need to dry quickly so that you don’t end up drying your face with a towel that’s still damp from the previous exercise set.