What torch lighter should you get for casual use

What torch lighter should you get for casual use
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Torch lighters are one of the most reliable kinds of lighters available. They are fueled by butane which produces a much stronger flame than any other lighter. The flame given off by a torch lighter is not only strong enough to work in any weather conditions, no matter how windy. It can also be used in any direction – you can light something with a torch lighter even when the lighter itself is upside down.

Torch lighters can be used for many purposes. Their durability makes them a good lighter to bring with you when camping. Their versatility is useful for emergencies so many people keep one at their home or the car. They can even be used in cooking. A torch lighter is like a smaller version of a butane torch used by professionals to caramelize sugar on top of crème brulees. Torch lighters are also very handy for lighting fireworks.

It is also favored by cigar lovers because the strong flame can easily light the cigar’s whole surface evenly. Many torch lighters are made especially with cigar smokers in mind and they are characterized by a slick and fancy design and sometimes even a built-in cigar cutter. Purchasing a good looking torch lighter suitable for use in a country club can be expensive though. What if you don’t care about the looks and just want something simple that is first and foremost functional?

Eagle Torch Lighter

Eagle makes affordable torch lighters that are known for their reliability. They are about 4 inches tall and look similar to a regular lighter that is powered by lighter fluid, except that they have a torch-like attachment at the top.

The Eagle Torch Lighter produces a single flame. Some lighters can produce multiply flames but a single one is more than enough for casual use. The casing is sturdy enough to keep the lighter itself from getting hot during use. The safety lock feature gives additional protection against the lighter being accidentally turned on by a child.

This Eagle Torch Lighter is, as any other torch lighter, refillable. It can be topped up with any brand of butane, it doesn’t require you to buy a specific kind. Although, it is generally recommended to use good quality butane for best and ‘purest’ flames. There is an indicator on the lighter’s side that shows how much butane is left inside so that you know when to buy the refill.

The Eagle Torch Lighter is an excellent choice for your first butane torch lighter. They are very cheap (around $6) but last a surprisingly long time. You can get them at most stores as they are often sold at checkout lines. Many gasoline stations also carry them. And if you want to save more money then get a set of 4 or even 15 from Amazon. Many people buy these packs of Eagle Torch Lighters because of how good they are. They probably won’t work forever but it is still more economical to buy a pack of these instead of one of the fancy ones.

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