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10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World
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Almost nobody enjoys waking up in the morning to go to work, but hey, everybody has bills to pay. For most of us, work is a tiresome routine that we have to put up with in order to make ends meet, but for some people, every one of their work days could be their last. Sure, making phone calls or lifting heavy objects is annoying, but what about the people whose job is to hang at the end of a cord 100 of feet above ground?

Most of us complain about how tough we have it, and how we would change our careers in a heart beat if something better came along. The people on the following list, however, wake up every morning knowing there’s a chance they won’t live to see the sun rising ever again.

10. Construction worker

construction worker

The job of a construction worker is among the most challenging on the planet, and is also one of the most underpaid in certain countries. Every single construction worker has to deal with falling objects, explosions, electric shocks, extreme temperatures, smoke, loud noises, and a great deal of other hazards throughout the day. No matter how many safety precautions they employ, construction workers always suffer accidents in the workplace unfortunately, because this is the nature of the job.

9. Land mine remover

The job of a land mine remover is just as dangerous as you might have imagined. Sure, most land mine removers have high-tech tools at their disposal, but actively looking for things designed to blow people up must take a toll on a person’s sanity, doesn’t it? The reason why this job exists is because manual mine clearance is a lot more effective than any automated version out there. This is because land mine removers must make judgment calls sometimes, calls that are beyond a machine’s level of understanding.

8. Fisherman

Despite the technological advancements in military-grade vehicles and boats, the fishing industry relies pretty much on the same principles it relied thousands of years ago. Most fishermen work all day long, sometimes in complete darkness, with little time for breaks, especially during the high season. Even though fishing boats have all sort of modern tools aboard to aid fishermen as much as possible, fatal accidents still occur to this day.

7. Lumberjack

The job of a lumberjack is viewed as one of the manliest jobs in the world, and rightfully so. Lumberjacks work on the slopes of the mountains most of the time, at high altitudes as well. They also carry heavy equipment everywhere they go, including the times when they climb tall trees and the times they climb steep slopes. Not only do lumberjacks have to worry about falling trees, but they also have to worry about sudden changes in weather and lightning storms.

6. Target girl

Would you stay still tied up on a massive rotating board while some guy is throwing sharp objects at you? Because that’s what target girls all over the world do on a daily basis. Target girls have to endure the stress of having all sort of projectiles aimed at her every single day, be they arrows, knifes, axes, bullets, or any other type of projectile for that matter. No matter how good the person making the throw is, they do sometimes miss the target, think about that.

5. Mine worker

Mine workers Spend hours on end underground, in life threatening conditions. Although the job pays well, spending that much time underground while exposed to silica dust and various gasses definitely has a toll on a person’s general health. Many mine workers develop inflammations and nodular lesions in the lungs, both side effects of inhaling the air down there. This is precisely the reason why mine workers have a lower life expectancy than most people.

4. Lion tamer

Most people see lions on television, at zoos, or at the circus. Speaking of the circus, how much do you think a lion tamer makes? Whatever he / she makes, it’s definitely not enough compared to the risks of having such a dangerous job. Large animals, especially carnivores, inherit wild instincts and behaviors by birth, which makes the act of taming such animals so much more dangerous. Still, somebody has to put their life on the line for us to enjoy the tricks circus animals perform for our amusement, and better them than us.

3. Alligator wrestler

In certain areas of the world, the job of an alligator wrestler is a pretty noble one, drawing a lot of admiration from pretty much everyone. Although alligator wrestling is increasingly popular in China, there are quite a few other countries who are growing to like this practice lately. Still, placing one’s head between the jaws of an alligator takes a lot of courage and even a bit of madness, which is why alligator wrestlers deserve all the praise and admiration they get.

2. Helicopter cable worker

Somebody has to maintain / fix high voltage power lines, and it is a job that not many people dare to do. Being so high up, the only way to access these power lines is via helicopter, increasing the risks of this already risky job even further. Sure, the linemen wear special conductive clothing that allows them to handle high voltage transmission lines with their bare hands, but being so far up surrounded by electricity has to be a pretty blood-chilling experience.

1. Skyscraper window glass cleaner

Skyscrapers, like any other modern building, have windows that have to be looked after and properly maintained on a regular basis. But how do you clean the outside of a window hundreds of feet above ground? Easy, you hire a skyscraper window glass cleaner. These trained professionals do their job while suspended on a pretty narrow sill, and they do it thoroughly. Needless to say, this is one of those jobs that only a special few have the strength of character to actually perform.