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Hypoallergenic Deodorants – Do They Really Help?

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Hypoallergenic deodorants

People with sensitive skin find it challenging when it comes to choosing the best deodorant to use. Deodorants can be made from different chemicals or natural ingredients, all of them have the tendency if causing allergy. Normally these allergy reactions tend to vary from mild effects of small rashes to severe effects of nasty burns.

Due to these reactions, individuals with hyper sensitive skins can’t wear deodorant on a daily basis though deodorants are essential when it comes to fighting against bad body odor. The deodorants’ scents makes you smell fresh as it help you develop self-confidence while on your everyday work or chores.

Therefore, individual with hyper sensitive skins should opt for hypoallergenic deodorants; they are made from natural and devoid ingredients which are favorable to sensitive skins. When choosing for hypoallergenic deodorants, here are some ingredients to note since they are the major causes of irritation to sensitive skins, they include;

1. Aluminum/Zinc – the common active ingredients used in deodorants are aluminum and zinc. They are used to limit perspiration but also known as “skin irritants”. In most cases, manufacturers replaces aluminum with zinc and many people are unaware though they may have same side effects.

2. Parabens – they are harsh chemicals that are often used in many skin products though used on a regular basis then they can cause damage to your skin cells. also refered to as skin irritants.

3. Fragrances – Manufacturers add fragrances to add scents to deodorants. When too many fragrances are added then they might contribute to other bad scents however, this can also provoke allergies as well as skin rashes in you. To be on the safer side, stick to fragrance free deodorants.

4. Alcohol – additional alcohol to antiperspirants can greatly affects the skin thus causing your skin to dry out which as a result cause itchiness and dryness to your skin and these causes severe irritation than the normal sweat.

Here are the best hypoallergenic deodorants for individuals with sensitive skin;

Almay Sensitive Skin

Almay deodorant is an effective antiperspirant in regards to stopping sweat. It has a 25 percent active ingredient that is aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate. Even for a recommended clinical strength deodorant, it is quiet a large amount.


  • Makes you to completely stop sweating as it remains effective for duration of more than 24hrs.
  • Very effective for people with hyper-sensitive skin as well as rash prone skin.
  • Can be combined with cologne, it is a fragrance-free deodorant.
  • Its deodorant is often packed in gel form but also available in the form of powder. Both are hypoallergenic and rather cost the same.
  • Has a colorless gel and dries up quickly leaving your underarms clean without white particles traces. Favors people who wear sleeveless clothes.


Since it contains alcohol, this makes it feel a little bit dry on your underarms.

Natural Deodorants

These deodorants are unscented and what makes them to be unique and different from other brands is the ingredient used. it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that most manufacturers used to make such products. all the ingredients used are natural sourced-mineral salts which helps creates a barrier in your underarms area to fight any bacteria that might develop thus helps maintain a good body odor.


  • Its fragrance-free making it effective for hyper-sensitive skin individuals.
  • Has no aluminum in its content
  • Can completely stop body odor
  • Company offers money back promise to prove the products effectiveness.
  • Made from healthy organic deodorants and this enable your body to naturally perspireas it kills any bacteria that might cause bad body odor.
  • Has both unscented and scented version but the scented one is more overpowering.


  • Do little when it comes to perspiration
  • Junglemint All – Natural

What makes Junglemint different from other brands in the market is that, it is unisex. This is brought about by its light-mint fragrance. it doesn’t contain any allergic or harmful ingredient making it safe for use to both the sensitive skin and normal skin people

It is suitable for sports person who needs to be fresh for longer time due to too much sweating involved in addition; professional fighters also prefers using this product. What makes this product to be unique from others is that it contains exclusively four ingredients and neither of them contains parable, aluminum, propylene glycol or any other toxins.


  • Has a minimal mint unisex fragrance which isn’t overpowering and it helps fight bad body odor effectively.
  • Has baking soda and corn starch to make the deodorant melt when exposed to too much heat or even light
  • This product has a non-comedogenic property thus it won’t clog the pores hence it helps facilitate perspiration
  • It melts easily and go very smoothly with just a little heat from your skin.


  • It contains a large amount of corn starch in its content and this makes the deodorant to be dry and get even worse-drier when you are in cold temperature.
  • It leaves a white residue due to the corn starch used as ingredients.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant-Crystal Spray

For individual having problems with deodorants made from aluminum such as Almay. You can use Naturally Fresh deodorants as your new option. it is hypoallergenic and its free of aluminum Chlorohydrates and parable.

The yare available in both spray and crystal-stone version. it is most suitable for individuals with hyper-sensitive skin and effective for fighting bacteria that produces bad body odor.

Available fragrances include; lavender, papaya fusion, ocean breeze and lasly honey dew


  • Available in many versions that includes unscented version.
  • It favors everyone due to its unisex fragrance or scents
  • It is budget friendly
  • It is made from natural ingredients making it a great deodorant suitable for sensitive skin
  • Its crystal stone last for up-to one year