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A guide on valentine’s day colognes for him

A guide on valentine’s day colognes for him
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Finally, valentine’s day is here! This day is dearly in the hearts of lovers. However, let me remind you a brief history about valentine’s day. Many christian martyrs were named valentine. The day was therefore reserved to celebrate and honor saint valentine. It is celebrated annually on 14th February. People celebrate the day in various ways. There are those who celebrate by sending greeting cards while others go to church. However, the most touching celebration is dating. People usually buy their loved ones various gifts. Women obviously would like to see their men in certain clothes, have special food and probably, go out together.

Besides man’s appearance, the lady would like a certain scent for his man. Obviously, a sexy scent. Just to remind women that a man’s fragrance is dear and very personal. All me pay attention to it. Therefore, only a person who is dear to his heart should choose the type of colognes for him. That person is definitely his girlfriend or wife.

Over time, a lady must have known his man’s likes and dislikes. On this one, the woman should know his man’s color. If unluckily you do not know, perhaps you know his character. This things go together in most cases.

Check a guide below for more.

Red cologne is known as spicy scent that consists a mixture of black pepper, ginger and cardamom. It has got iced tea too. This is a great choice if he has a big personality. It is the best choice for a man with bold body and especially if he looks energetic.

Blue cologne is definitely a color associated with cool and calm guys. In most cases, it is referred as a scent of peace. Some of the mixtures include pineapple, blackcurrant, cedar wood, musk and moss. It also consist juniper berry ad patchouli.

Orange cologne is also recommendable. As I said above, depending on your man’s color or his match. Once I mention orange cologne, a smiling and happy face comes into my mind. It is commonly associated with happiness. It’s scents is always so fresh. Many women want that freshness.

A black cologne is a fantastic choice especially if your man is masculine. Okay, let me precise. If you consider him classic guy, go for this one. All women describe their guys to fellow women as classic. So, am not suggesting all women to buy a black cologne, but it depends if it suits him. Dark and sexy associates closely. This ones have cool strong scents that you will like for a handsome guy. It consists of a mixture of jasmine, sandalwood, musk and lavender. It has a mixture of lemon leaves, birch and cardamom too.

Finally, check a gold cologne. It is a great choice. Once you think about this one, a bottle emblazoned “Jay Z” comes into your mind. Go for it if you consider your man a celebrity. It is also fantastic for guys who like fun. The scent picks him among others.

After that great choice, surprise him. A good choice of cologne is the only significant gift you can offer a man this valentine. He will remember the scent for a very long time.

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